Công ty sản xuất Lốp xe Bridgestone VN tuyển dụng
13 tháng 4, 2017 bởi
Công ty sản xuất Lốp xe Bridgestone VN tuyển dụng

Công ty sản xuất Lốp xe Bridgestone Việt Nam tuyển dụng sinh viên Công nghệ thông tin mới tốt nghiệp ra trường, cụ thể:

1. Công việc:

IT staff for Tire Manufacturing process / Network Administrator 
1. Support for installation system developed by Bridgestone Japan.
- Setup server/PC devices, Installation software, testing 
- Training to user and support. 
2. Infrastructure support (Supervise LAN cabling/power preparation by 
3. Manage inventory of spare parts, consumable goods. 
4. Trouble shooting for network/PC/Printer/Server system problem.
Communicate with technician of vendor / maker. 
(It includes Bridgestone Japan software developer)
5. Report to manager about problem and request from users.

2. Yêu cầu chuyên môn:

Number of Hiring : 2 
Type of Contract : Terminable Contract
Age : 24 ~ 35
1. IT system maintenance experience (Hardware/Software for server / PC/Printer)
2. Software develop skill using windows / oracle database. 
3. Good at application security for IT system (Hardware / Software) 
4. Use Microsoft Excel/Word/Power point for create documentation. 
5. Communicate in English 
<Desired Characteristics>
1. Ability to perform the work coordination with relevant departments. 
2. With deep analysis for a problem and improve system by discussing with 
related people.
3. Working well although in the overtime (work on Sunday or Saturday), 
if it is necessary. 
4. The positive thing with communicating with overseas people. 
5. Good at work in manufacture company. 
(if need, work at place with high temperature in summer)

3. Thông tin về công ty:

Bridgestone Tire Manufacturing Vietnam LLC Dinh Vu Industrial Zone, Haiphong

Tên người liên hệ: Matsumoto Junichiro MR
Qui mô công ty: 1.000-4.999

Bridgestone Tire Manufacturing Vietnam LLC is the plant for producing radial tires for passenger cars (PSRs) and serve as an export base for replacement tires sold in the European, North American, and Japanese markets, primarily supplying PSRs for general use.
Bridgestone will have a production system of 50 plants in 21 countries with this plant.
And the Bridgestone Group will continue working to bolster its global supply capacity and to build a system for the rapid supply of high-quality products to meet market demands.

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